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Warsaw of ART Edition III

Real art is freedom. Real art is independence. Real art means pushing the boundaries. Real art is the lack of concessions, compromises or half measures.
4 days. 29 Artists from the capital, south and north of the country, an artist from Norway. A strong group of excellent Czech Artists.
Independent art. Independent Artists. Independent studios. Power. Expression. Humour. Fun. Freedom. An unconventional approach to all techniques, from painting, through installations, performance, video art, photography and sculpture.

We operate on our own terms. We create on our own rules. We’re going against the tide.
We are independent from time, independent from place, independent from institutions, independent from any rules.
Power will collapse, ideology will expire … everything has an end, all that will survive is true art.
And we do not intend to cancel it, shift it or marginalize it.
We are going to give you real art in a large dose.
And you.
You must be here.
Warsaw off ART – the largest, independent celebration of true, independent art.
When? October 1-4
Where? Warsaw

Warsaw of ART Edition III –

Opening of the exhibition of Czech Artists – Opening of Warsaw off ART